The Piccadilly Inn Caerwys has a tale to tell

Warm and Welcoming Ambiance

The Piccadilly Inn offers a warm and welcoming ambiance, serving great pub food in a relaxing friendly atmosphere.

As a family run free house, it excels in creating an ambiance that invites its guests to stay on and enjoy an extra drink or two after a scrumptious meal made from locally sourced produce and by chefs who pride themselves in producing “classic pub food done well”

A racing history

Previously a coaching inn dating back to 1662, its current name comes from a race horse called Piccadilly – the winner of the Mostyn Stakes at the old 3 km Caerwys/Babell race track in the 18th century. Lord Mostyn, who owned the winning Thoroughbred was so pleased with his win, that he gave the horse’s Jockey the old pub in town, who in turn renamed it ‘The Piccadilly Inn’ to celebrate his own good fortune!

The Piccadilly Inn once stabled up to 40 horses on fair days and market days (long since finished) and survived the closures attributed to the Temperance Society in the early 20th century. Today it is one of the two remaining pubs in the town (there were 10 at the turn of the 20th century).

A new era at the table of The Piccadilly Inn

Not afraid to reinvent the wheel, Dudley Savva, Proprietor of The Piccadilly Inn in Caerwys, has introduced inspiring food (and drink) preparation techniques to enhance the quality of the food dishes on offer.

Dudley trained as a chef in many top establishments and has brought back to Caerwys, his home town, everything that inspires him when it comes to food preparation.

Having learnt from the best, Dudley shares his passion for food with his own chefs, passing on all that he has learnt working with the Roux family at the 3 Michelin Stars Waterside Inn in London and later the L’Enclune in Cumbria, a 2 Michelin star restaurant that relied on nature to inspire their culinary dishes.

With many mouth-watering dishes and seasonal menus, The Piccadilly Inn offers a great venue for dining ‘On the Doorstep’ of Maes Mynan Holiday Park and with relaxing evenings, lunches and Sunday dinner on offer, it’s easy to see why reserving a table is also a good idea!

With good food, wine and drinks, The Piccadilly Inn is essentially a pub at heart, where great pub classics are still on the menu (chicken and chips in a basket and cod and chips are the two that come to mind) as well as an A La Carte menu to inspire.

Within walking distance (20 mins) or a 5 minute drive, getting there is easy from Maes Mynan Park and with the offer of a transfer service on the menu too, having a drink or two is on the menu too.

Here we explore five special facts about the food and drink served at the The Piccadilly Inn

1. Gluten Free Menu

A Gluten Free menu is available at the Piccadilly.

With a gluten free fryer the chefs at the Piccadilly ensure that only the right batters are cooked to meet a gluten free customer’s dietary needs.

Fish and chips are an option at The Piccadilly Inn for those seeking a gluten free option of this British favourite!

2. Slow cooked meats for extra taste and smooth textures

The Piccadilly love to slowly cook their meats to guarantee moist sumptuous, ‘melt in your mouth’ textures. The Piccadilly kitchen creates an array of meat dishes their Sunday Roasts and ‘Pie of the Day’ are famous for their delicious flavours and tender meats.

3. Dehydrated Fruits, vegetables, herbs and locally foraged foods

Perfect for before dinner drinks, dehydrated limes, lemons, blood oranges or rhubarb ribbons make a great twist to a long gin or cocktail from the Piccadilly Gin Bar, especially when complemented with fruit infused ices that make the most of botanicals used in crafting local North Wales artisan Gins such as  Cariad or Aber Falls.

A Piccadilly favourite is the Wild Garlic and Mushroom Risotto. Made with locally foraged wild garlic and mushrooms to create an intense scrumptious twist to this interesting and colourful dish.

By using a dehydrator it allows chefs at The Piccadilly Inn to recreate seasonal flavours all year long without sacrificing the taste of fresh nutritious food, that boasts no additional additives or preservatives.

4. Homemade puddings and ice cream

Homemade ice-cream flavours at the Piccadilly are different.

Guinness Ice-Cream, fruit sorbets and Ginger Sponge Cake Ice-cream are just a few on offer! 

So if it is a stout you enjoy, or a spicy alternative, there is always something new to taste test at The Piccadilly Inn, regardless of what time of year you are staying at your holiday lodge on Maes Mynan Park.  

5. Sunshine helps cook your food

When the Piccadilly went through its refurbishment several years ago, solar power was added to the roof.  So when sitting down for your Sunday Roast, you’ll know that the sunshine has helped cook your dinner.

Solar Power helps cook your food at The Piccadilly Inn
Solar Power helps cook your food at The Piccadilly Inn

Open all year

The Piccadilly Inn Caerwys is also open for Christmas dinner and as Maes Mynan Park offers a 12 months holiday licence, you can book your special day lunch in advance and enjoy your Christmas holidays in your luxury holiday lodge, without the hassle of cooking yourself.

‘On the Doorstep’ amenities offer you choices locally that allow you to enjoy a range of local produce, drinks and dishes too.   

Call Dudley at The Piccadilly Inn on 01352 720284 to make your reservations and enjoy some old fashioned local hospitality within a real community on the doorstep of Maes Mynan Holiday Park.

Also check out their Facebook Page for up to date information on menus and events.