Things to do

Off Park But Not Too Far

Maes Mynan Park is not only easy to get to, but it is a great base for a holiday home, especially for those who love to explore, discover and find adventure. … Read More

It’s A Family Affair

It’s a family affair! Maes Mynan Park is evolving from a sand and gravel quarry into parkland and a beautiful holiday retreat for holiday homeowners. Rome wasn’t built in a night and we have fun along the way, as well … Read More

The Great Outdoors with Planet Tree Adventure on Offas Dyke

Plan your own Adventure with Planetree

Discover your inner adventurer by exploring the great outdoors with Planetree and find yourself experiencing bespoke and guided activities, adventure, treks and tours across North Wales – all opportunities on the doorstep of your holiday home at Maes Mynan Park. … Read More