Is it time to Start Living Your Holiday Lifestyle Dream?

What’s your holiday lifestyle dream and have you stopped to wonder whether it’s your time to live that dream?

Have you ever sat down and made a Wish List for that dream holiday lifestyle? If not, ask yourself, is now that time?

Start living your dream holiday lifestyle

Living your holiday lifestyle dream doesn’t have to be a chore, especially if the choices you make at the beginning of your journey are right for you. That means working out what your expectations and aspirations are, as well as their practicalities.  

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible!”

Audrey Hepburn

Here we share some of our Wish List ideas for a dream holiday lifestyle;

  • Space to enjoy life without the hassle
  • An escape from the norm
  • Getting away anytime you want
  • A place in the country to call your own
  • Time to relax in peaceful nature inspired surroundings
  • Walking in open countryside
  • Absorbing picture-perfect views
  • Trekking, cycling, running, swimming in the great outdoors
  • Enjoying the romance of an Arcadian wonderland
  • Drinking a beer, a large glass of wine or G&T’s on the deck
  • Watching birds and wildlife
  • Sitting by lakes with views of hills and valleys
  • Reading quietly without interruption
  • Painting what you see, writing what you feel
  • Sharing in the seasons from the comfort of your holiday retreat
  • Exploring new places
  • Discovering hidden gems
  • Meeting new people
  • Having time to stand and stare
  • Enjoying guilt free long lazy days
  • Creating magical memories to share with family
  • Walking the dog whatever the weather without seeing a car
  • Star gazing when the moon is out without the interference of light pollution
  • Tree hugging on a woodland walk
  • Watching spectacular sunsets after a smiling sunshine day
  • Minimal holiday home maintenance with security and ground maintenance taken care of

If any of these wishes are on your holiday lifestyle Wish List, ask yourself if it’s time to act and make your dreams a reality.

Here at Maes Mynan Park, an Arcadian wonderland hidden in the Flintshire countryside in North Wales, it’s easy to achieve a dream holiday lifestyle if any of these wishes are on your list.

With panoramic views of Welsh hills, valleys, lakes and woodland, there is plenty to be inspired by.

Owning your own holiday lodge on Maes Mynan Park will give you the opportunity to escape to the country whenever the mood takes you, and with a 12 month holiday season, enjoying the seasons and all that they bring, from the comfort of your armchair, is easy. Whilst action seekers wanting to discover and explore the great outdoors, have plenty of scope to push their adrenaline boundaries and test their abilities, in this designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Holiday homes give you freedom and space to enjoy and share in a location that oozes tranquillity and well-being. If a holiday lodge is for you, please come and see for yourself if your dream holiday Wish List can be achieved by sharing in the natural beauty of Maes Mynan Park and all that it can offer to those who love the great outdoors and nature.  

Start living your dream holiday lifestyle

Living a dream holiday lifestyle will be different for everyone, especially as expectations change over time and with age. Only you can decide if it’s your time to realise your dreams and if you think it is your time, we’d love to share this magical place with you.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream: not only plan but also believe”

Anatole France

Make an appointment to come and see us, or book a tour of our show home, The Llewellyn Lodge, here, or call Peter on 07836522444. We look forward to meeting you.