The Wonders of Spring Birdlife at Maes Mynan Park

It’s a beautiful spring day here at Maes Mynan Park and the wonders of nature are awakening.

The countryside offers a great retreat for country holiday home owners, but also a never ending sanctuary for resident and visiting birdlife. 

Let me share a few of our favourites with you here.

Swans come a visiting

This week we were lucky to be greeted by four pairs of beautiful swans on the larger Maes Mynan Park lake. It was an honour to see them gliding across the lake in single file – regal to the last. Mute Swans often visit but it was the first time so many arrived to stop over all at once.

The grace and elegance as they swim never ceases to amaze and I love to watch their splendour. Fingers crossed they come again and decide to nest on the island of the Maes Mynan Park lake.

Mallards go a waddling

With the help of Mandy Cartwright from ARC we cleared the footpath that runs between two of the three Maes Mynan Park lakes as part of a pond conservation and maintenance project a couple of years back.

The footpath was created by the sand and gravel quarry over 25 years ago and it had over the years become very overgrown and prone to flooding. We therefore dug in an overflow drainage pipe between the two ponds to help reduce the overland flooding risk as part of that pond maintenance and conservation scheme.

As a result of the work we have done, the footpath is now free of overgrown trees and debris, opening up a clear span between the two ponds. The high canopy from the trees offer shelter and summer shade, but today we can see the spring under story greening up with a peppering of primroses, making it an ideal habitat for birds and amphibians.

This morning as I walked down the footpath, a wonderfully coloured male Mallard waddled from one lake to the other, across the footpath, plopping straight into the third lake with little problem before swimming off  to find a female companion.

Coots hiding

Plenty of shy Coots scuttle around the Maes Mynan Lakes and hide amongst the overhanging alders and willows in the water shallows. Timid as always they always dive out of sight and today was no different as I saw so many of them scarper swiftly into the undergrowth at the water’s edge or disappear into their diving positions.

Tufted Ducks come calling

What a treat this year! Four pairs of Tufted Ducks arrived with their crowning glory! The males always look regal with their feather plume that shimmers a purply hue in the sunshine.

Heron comes a looking

Today the Grey Heron arrived and swooped down to stand on two legs in the shallows of the lake. Long legged and graceful he stood waiting for his dinner. Something else caught his eye and off he flapped to look elsewhere.

Canadian Geese come grazing

I adore seeing the Canadian Geese visit. They love to graze on the shorter grass and can often be found on our lodge bases or on the banks of lake 2. Graceful and noisy, they are a great visitor to have at Maes Mynan Park and when they leave they don’t go far and you can spot them grazing in the fields opposite, adjacent to the Afon (river in Welsh) Chwiler.

Buzzards majestically survey

The Buzzards love Maes Mynan Park. They soar high above keeping a watchful eye, nesting locally in the adjacent sequoia woodland or in the broadleaf woodland buffer within Maes Mynan Park. He didn’t swoop today, but his majestic flight always impresses.

Kingfisher comes a dipping

It is the first time I have had the privilege to spot a Kingfisher in a stream pool on Maes Mynan Park lands. The shimmering beauty of his iridescent turquoise blue was unbelievable. I was so excited because it was my first encounter with a Kingfisher. The natural beauty of colours in nature are really something to behold. I hope I see him again.

What a perfect start to the month of April at Maes Mynan Park and what a wonderful place to own a country holiday home. It’s great we can all share in the natural beauty of this very special place. Even the dogs enjoy basking in the warm sunshine, surveying the views that stretch ahead as far as the eye can see.

country holiday home| It's a dogs life at Maes Mynan Park

Finally we mustn’t forget our beautiful small birds too – the wren that lives around the office, the grey wagtail that bobs up and down on the roof ridge tiles of lodge 1 (something I watch daily from my desk in the office), the blue tits and chaffinch who swoop in and out of the birch and willow trees and finally the robin who sits on the fence watching me through the window. We are so lucky to enjoy so much rustic splendour in one place.

If you are looking for a rural retreat and a country holiday home in North Wales that becomes your escape to the country, we look forward to seeing you. You can contact us here.