Start your Ginastics At The Piccadilly Inn

A gin bar is where the exercise begins for those who practice Ginastics!

If gin is your preferred tipple, then you don’t have to go far to start your Gin and Tonic exercises when staying at your holiday home on Maes Mynan Park. The Piccadilly Inn in Caerwys has a fabulous Gin Bar that will satisfy those who love to relax over their favourite juniper and natural botanical drink. 

Gin and Tonic Piccadilly Inn Caewys

The Piccadilly Gin Bar stock a range of ‘regular’ gins, alongside many locally distilled  artisan crafted botanical infused gins, ideal for sampling something new and ‘local’ whilst staying at your luxury holiday lodge at Maes Mynan Park.

As an example,  Cariad Gin is distilled on the doorstep of Maes Mynan Park in Lixim, only 4 miles away and is served on ice at the Piccadilly Gin Bar, because supporting local is what they ‘do’.  

Garnishes make the difference to your Ginastics!

“Some of the garnishes we use at the Piccadilly Gin Bar include blood orange crisps which we dehydrate carefully on trays to ensure they dry evenly. 

When ready we store them in airtight containers to ensure they do not rehydrate.

By drying out the oranges we remove all the water content which avoids spoilage, intensifying the flavours for the gin cocktails we create, with the taste of marmalade being one of the popular overtones.

Once the dehydrated fruits are introduced into the gin, they start to infuse into the drink, rehydrating to add another dimension of flavour.

We also use fruit infused ice, including raspberries, apples, limes, lemons and strawberries. We always try to pair the fruit infused ice, with either the flavour of the gin, or the botanical used to craft the gin.

These techniques are all designed to enhance the flavours and experience of all the gin coctails we serve, as we wish to create something more than you may pour for yourself at home.”

Dudley Savva

Dudley Savva, proprietor of The Piccadilly Inn, loves to experiment with the natural flavours that complement the botanicals used to create a particular gin.

With fruit infused ices that include real blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, plus the intense flavours of the rehydrated blood oranges, lemons, limes or rhubarb ribbons, you are bound to enjoy your favourite tipple when it’s served in large round glasses, with Fever-Tree flavoured tonics.

As a great food pub with a Gin Bar to boot, The Piccadilly Inn is open Monday to Saturday 12pm – 9 pm and 12 pm – 6 pm Sundays. Food is served throughout opening times.

Time to reserve your Ginastics session

If you fancy a trip to The Piccadilly Inn Gin bar, call Dudley in advance who can help with the transfer arrangements to and from Maes Mynan Park – making your Ginastics much easier to perform!

Here’s the number to call to make arrangments for your Ginastics reservation that sees you enjoying pub dining too – 01352 720284. The Piccadilly Inn is only a 5 minutes drive from Maes Mynan Park, or a 20 minute, morning after the night before walk, if you prefer to leave your car in the pub’s car park and catch a lift back to Maes Mynan Park.