Old Fashioned Customer Care In Caerwys

Old fashioned customer care is what makes a difference for any successful independent ‘open all hours’ shop. Central Stores Caerwys offers exactly that and has tailored their offers to help holidaymakers and  holiday home owners make the most of their downtime by providing hampers of provisions that suit the needs of holidaying experiences and weekend getaways.

By taking away some of the hassle of packing and planning what to bring with you, Caroline Williams of Central Stores has created a few options to help. 

  1. Cleaning and Laundry Hamper.

We all know we have to spring clean our holiday homes when we arrive after some time away and remembering all the key laundry and cleaning  essentials is often the last thing on the list of priorities when packing the car! So the Cleaning and Laundry Hamper from Central Stores includes washing powder and fabric conditioner for the washing machine, dishwasher tablets, bathroom cleaner, septic tank friendly toilet cleaner, kitchen cleaner, polish, cloths, washing up liquid, dish cloths, bin bags – black and white. What else do you need? This is the first tick box taken care of and with a bio friendly cleaning kit available too, looking after the environment is easy. 

2. The Bathroom Essentials Hamper

Toiletries and bathroom essentials take up a lot of space when packing and how often do we all forget something when we travel away? 

The Central Stores Bathroom Essentials hamper includes shower gel, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, cotton wool, toothpaste, toothbrush, wet wipes and toilet roll. Everything you need for a weekend break and staycation holidays. 

What’s even better, going back to that old fashioned friendly service, if you have a particular brand in mind for your shower gel or shampoo, ask Caroline if she can get in for you. She will help if she can, but a pre-order is essential to give her time to source your request. 

Now doesn’t that sound like a helpful service to start your holiday downtime? 

3. The Gluten Free Hamper 

Caroline knows how important diet can be if you have a gluten intolerance and has gone that extra mile to source as many products as possible that are gluten free, with some diary free options too.

Having a choice of foods that are normally difficult to find on the doorstep of your holiday home is an important customer service offered by Central Stores and a perfect opportunity to stock up locally on some basics.  

Central Stores maybe a small grocery and convenience store but it has a heart of gold when it comes to looking after the needs of its customers. So form gluten free peroni, bread, pasta, cakes, macaroons, biscuits, homemade frozen indian meals, sauces, snacks, sweets, chocolate and ready made meals and some dairy free options, there really is quite a choice for those special diets on the doorstep of Maes Mynan Park.