Introducing our new lodge plots & static Caravan plots

Large exclusive lodge Plots and static caravan plots are now available at Maes Mynan Holiday Park.

COVID-19 lockdown didn’t stop us developing our awe-inspiring exclusive lodge plots and large gardened static caravan plots at Maes Mynan Park.

We made the most of the weather during lockdown to get as much infrastructure in place for when we were able to welcome visitors back to North Wales. Being able to choose a bespoke holiday lodge, or a new static caravan holiday home to maximise the stunning location and breathtaking views, was always our priority for our new holiday homeowners.

The media made it clear that everyone was fed up with being cooped up in their homes, especially in towns and cities, where green spaces were even closed to the public. We believed that people would want to re-evaluate their free time and how they wished to spend it once the pandemic crisis started to ease, which is why we didn’t stop working for a second!

Static Caravan Plots | Holiday Homes For Sale | North Wales
Working on the static caravan plots at Maes Mynan Park

Maes Mynan Park offers great opportunities to those looking for an escape to the country and a holiday home of their choosing. So, we decided not to sit on our laurels and wait for the crisis to pass. We, as a team, continued to work hard, whatever the weather, because we wanted to offer those who decided a holiday home in the country was what they needed, to be able to feel free again.

Our luxury lodge plots & static caravan plots now available | North Wales
Creating the steps for the middle tier static caravan plots

That meant making sure that every luxury lodge plot and static caravan plot had amazing stunning views, large gardens and plenty of open spaces. We wanted to make sure that we could offer something inspiring to holiday home buyers who wanted to seek out an opportunity to promote their own sense of well-being in the natural beauty of the countryside.

Views from Luxury Lodge Plots | Maes Mynan Park | Flintshire | North Wales
Luxury lodge plots at Maes Mynan Park

To help, we took on Tom, who at 20, has become the youngest member of the Acorn Leisure team and more recently Sion. They are both local lads from Caerwys and love to work outside.

Getting the luxury lodge plots and the static caravan plots in ship shape order was no mean feat. We have laid the concrete for 23 lodge plots and 18 static caravan bases, with a further 9 planned by the end of this year, ready for the 2021 season (the first 4 are already reserved). 

Luxury lodge plots | Maes Mynan Park | North Wales
Panoramic view of Maes Mynan Park Lodge Plots Taken From The Office

We have planted over 2,000 plants and trees, grass seeded numerous spacious gardens and watched as the summer season and nature took up the challenge to make everything grow!

Poppy's at Maes Mynan Park

Wildflowers have blossomed in the banks and numerous butterflies, bees and other insects have visited, attracted by the abundance of flowers, both wild and planted. In fact, the biodiversity of Maes Mynan Park has grown immensely. We have seen stoats, badgers, rabbits, foxes and lizards. Toads, frogs, damselflies, dragonflies, crickets and grasshoppers. The polecat has been seen and we mustn’t forget the buzzards, heron, coots, ducks and moorhens. The second Maes Mynan Park lake also attracted grazing Canadian geese, which we loved to see despite the fact they loved the new grass shoots as their food supply! Canadian geese grazing in the local Afonwen valley fields is not an unusual sight, but it was the first for us this year.

Lodge plots and static caravan plots with the type of views on offer at Maes Mynan Park are rare.

As a new development, we are able to offer holiday homeowner customers, the opportunity to choose their lodge and static caravan plots, before they decide upon a bespoke lodge of their dreams, or a luxury static caravan of their choice.

If you are looking for a holiday home, please take a tour of Maes Mynan Park with us. We offer a 12-month holiday season, which makes it easy to get away from your everyday life (and possibly your working from home office) whenever you have the time.  Ordering now will also ensure you can spend Christmas in your new luxury lodge or static caravan holiday home.

So forget about the awfulness of 2020 and COVID-19 and start planning how you would like to spend 2021!

Luxury lodge plots now available | Flintshire | North Wales
Panoramic view of Maes Mynan Park Lodge Plots

Call us on 07836522444 or email us at [email protected] for more information and if you are passing feel free to call in and us here at Maes Mynan Park, social distancing is not a problem as we have so much beautiful countryside around us to keep us apart.