Introducing two luxury lodges for sale this summer at Maes Mynan Park in North Wales.

What’s on your wish list for your dream holiday home this year?

Finding dream luxury lodges for sale in 2021 will be a challenge, especially as we enter another COVID-19 spring and summer season. That’s why we have commissioned two bespoke luxury holiday homes using a wish list that ticks as many boxes as possible to suit our nature inspired location at Maes Mynan Park – just for you.

For our luxury lodge canvass and design inspiration, we embraced the panoramic kaleidoscope colours nature offers at Maes Mynan Park, along with the surrounding mosaic of habitat.

Lodges for sale Maes Mynan Park | North Wales

2020/2021 Winter scenes at Maes Mynan Park

2020 was a year like no other for most of us. And the first part of 2021 hasn’t been much better either! We’ve experienced lockdowns, travel restrictions and controls over our freedoms never seen before. Many have sadly lost loved ones, whilst others have experienced life changing difficulties as a result of the virus. Brexit added further complications and now supply chain issues and COVID-19 workplace restrictions are creating havoc in manufacturing production timescales. 

That’s why we decided to design two very special bespoke luxury lodges taking into account Maes Mynan’s beautiful location and what our holiday home owners shared with us as their wish list for a dream lodge. We added our own ideas, highlights and essentials to achieve what we felt everyone would be searching for in this new age of holidaying – hope, space, change of scenery, an escape, a retreat, a special place to be with family, luxury and a dream to chase.

We know many of you want to escape to the country – to find your own private heaven away from it all – for peace, time out and quality downtime – where connecting with nature in the great outdoors is all part of your dream.

That’s why we are offering two bespoke luxury lodges for sale this summer – somewhere to recharge your batteries – after what can only be described as a gruelling 12 months, whichever way you cut it! 

Luckily, CEO Graeme Craig and Sales Manager Jennifer Hughes of Wessex Omar, and Tingdene’s Daniel Evans (Sales Manager), decided to think outside the box last year by pre-booking our manufacturing slots, just so we could offer you something fabulous when restrictions finally relaxed and you could get out and about again. 

UK holidays are in heavy demand, but there are many of us who want our own private space that is not shared with others. No one knows how long it will take for air & cruise travel to become mainstream again – so what do we all do in the meantime? We invest in a  UK holiday home that offers something WOW without the hassle and within close proximity of home – somewhere quiet where your neighbours can’t sublet their holiday home either – because we believe space, convenience and safety are all part of the ‘new’ way to holiday, home from home post COVID.

So we drew up a wish list and tried to think about what you would like in your luxury holiday home lodge as your ‘go-to’ escape that also offers a slice of countryside heaven. 

Let us introduce you to Oak Leaf Lodge by Omar Wessex and Maes Mynan Lodge by Tingdene with a snapshot of what to expect when these luxury lodges for sale arrive in June 2021. Both have high spec finishes and lots of interesting design features. What follows we hope piques your interest.

If you like what you see and read below, come and see us. Maes Mynan Park is still a hidden gem nestled away in this unspoilt corner of Flintshire countryside, where history has described this special place as ‘Little Switzerland’ and ‘The Arcadia of Wales’. Both descriptions still hold true today.

Can you afford to miss out on a rare slice of heaven and one of these luxury lodges for sale this summer in a time where precious moments mean so much?

Oak Leaf Lodge by Wessex Omar 46′ x 22′ 2 bed

Oak Leaf Lodge exterior elevation and floor plan

Oak Leaf Lodge Interiors Colour Theme

Maes Mynan Lodge by Tingdene 51’x22′ 2 bed

Maes Mynan Lodge 51' x 22' a bespoke lodge by Tingdene
Maes Mynan Lodge Floor Plan – 51′ x 22′
Example of Tingdene’s Maes Mynan Lodge Kitchen Colour & Style

Here we highlight some special features for our two luxury lodges for sale this summer.

Oak Leaf Lodge by Wessex Omar, embraces the great outdoors with its fully glazed front aspect and two sets of French doors, all designed to complement the open plan lounge, kitchen and dining areas of this holiday home by taking advantage of the stunning views outside and the picture perfect scenery that becomes a living painting inside.

Maes Mynan Lodge by Tingdene also capitalises on the great outdoors with its mainly glazed front aspect, which is only interrupted by the central fireplace which features an electric log style burner over which you can hang your smart TV.

The main differences between these luxury lodges for sale, besides their differing lengths, is the size and arrangement of the open plan lounge, dining and kitchen areas.

Maes Mynan Lodge at 51′ long boasts an open plan space of just over 26′ x 22′ which is only made possible by the use of steel beams, which are then clad in a medium oak stained glulam cap. The kitchen units are in Indigo Blue, with a long clear kitchen island that seats 4 bar stools. The lounge has a 3-seater and two 2-seater sofas positioned to take advantage of the fireplace but more importantly the views. There are two sideboards, a coffee table and two lamp tables with Click & Lock flooring throughout. The two porthole windows and 3 vertical feature anthracite grey radiators complete the designer look of this vast open airy space, that is also complemented by a Velux window over the kitchen area, 3 feature lights over the kitchen island and recessed chrome downlights.

Oak Leaf Lodge on the other hand, with its large plush left hand L-shaped sofa and feature wing backed chair in navy oak leaf fabric, benefits from its complete glass front elevation, which lets the swirling mosaic of glorious colour sweep into the open plan area, without detracting from the picture perfect views that can be savoured from the comfort of the lounge, whilst being seated in nature inspired splendour. The modern recessed fire sits unobtrusively into a feature wall that includes an extra area above for a TV. The Scandinavian style furniture supports the minimalist feel to this lodge without compromising on the great outdoors that seize the room with the changing light and seasons. The Stone Grey kitchen is a light neutral colour with earthy overtones that boasts and complements the airy feel of this space which is further emphasised by deep recessed shelving, kitchen island and overhead Velux window, which is perfectly positioned to see the stars and clouds float by when sitting drinking coffee or a glass of wine on one of the two bar stools.

Both lodges accommodate a utility area, but in different ways and each will have a different feel on entering. Oak Leaf Lodge has a separate entrance hall and hidden utility area, whereas Maes Mynan Lodge has an open plan entrance, with a separate closed off utility area adjacent to the front door. As Maes Mynan Park is located in the rustic countryside we incorporated a utility area as one of the ‘essentials’.

Both lodges have oak doors with chrome door furniture, chrome light switches, sockets and recessed downlights, panelled groove board walls and vaulted ceilings throughout. The exterior panels on both lodges are in Sierra CanExel, with dark grey windows, black drain water furniture and vaulted dormer entrances.

Oak Leaf Lodge has extra wide overhangs all the way around to give it an Alpine feel and a nod of recognition to Maes Mynan’s name tag ‘Little Switzerland’.

Maes Mynan Lodge boasts a floating wall against which the king sized bed rests in the main bedroom, which adds a grand feel to this comfortable space, perfect for lazy days in bed, watching TV and peaceful nights sleeps.

We are very excited that both our luxury lodges will be available to view and buy in June of this year and we can’t wait to show them to you. We have so many other features to share for these lodges too, so don’t hesitate to ask what they are:-)

Luxury Lodges for sale Maes Mynan Park
Lodge Plot Views from Maes Mynan Park, Afonwen, Caerwys
Luxury Lodges for sale & Lodge Plots North Wales | Maes Mynan Park
Luxury Lodge Plots North Wales | Maes Mynan Park

An extra bonus for our holiday home owners at Maes Mynan Park includes accessing a retreat to recharge in over 100 acres of blissful countryside and an opportunity to invest in the good life in an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) that is available to enjoy all year long, whatever the season. In addition, security includes barrier entry and cameras.

To request more information please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] . Alternatively call us on 01352 720808 to make an appointment to visit. We’d love to show you around, because seeing is believing at Maes Mynan Park.