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If you love Pizza, then try these artisan pizza kits from wedoughit4u.co.uk

We Dough It 4 U will deliver by post to Maes Mynan Park, making it easy to order their readymade Pizza kits. A great option for cooking your very own ‘perfect’ pizza in the comfort of your own holiday home.

The pizza kit comes complete with 2 pizza bases (already rolled out and ready to use), 2 sauce sachets, 2 cheese sachets and a cooking instruction card. All you have to do is add your own favourite toppings and cook!

With the current COVID-19 dining restrictions, a restaurant style pizza in the comfort of your holiday home sounds like the perfect takeaway solution, especially as you can add your own delicious toppings.

Making a thin quality pizza base and the perfect tomato sauce topping, as well as sourcing the best Mozzarella cheese, is never easy when making pizzas in your holiday home. That’s why we love these artisan pizza kits, made locally here in North Wales.

The Pizza Kit Box from We Dough It 4 U takes out all the hard work when it comes to making pizzas at home.

How does it work?

  1. Place your order online for your Pizza kit for 2 and wait for it to arrive by post in a box. You can choose next day delivery or pre-order for a different day for £3.50 delivery charge. Book via wedoughit4u.co.uk
  2. Wait until it arrives
  3. Meet the delivery at the gate
  4. Unpack and make up the Pizza following the instructions
  5. Add your own toppings
  6. Pop into a very hot oven and serve when ready with coleslaw and salad

This readymade pizza making kit offers a no mess, no fuss option, that works for dinner parties as well as family nights in. So if you like these artisan pizza kits, why not bulk order and take some home to enjoy anytime. The Pizza Kits have a two month shelf life, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the taste of these artisan pizzas.

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Email – [email protected]gffoods.co.uk

Telephone – 07802600923.

Website – wedoughit4u.co.uk


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Online ordering and delivery via wedoughit4u.co.uk