Spacious large lodge plots, stunning views and natural beauty are the norm at Maes Mynan Park

Owning a luxury lodge in the countryside is a dream come true when you also have spaciously large lodge plots to choose from. Maes Mynan Park offers not only large lodge plots but an opportunity to share in the fresh air and beauty of an outstandingly stunning rural location that is all about the views, nature, tranquillity, nature and the great outdoors. With lakes on Park too, wildlife and birdlife is never far away, all of which adds to the magic of this hidden gem in the far corner of Flintshire in North Wales, which also happens to be an AONB.

For those seeking a rural retreat in a quiet location that is all about views, natural beauty and convenience, Maes Mynan Park will tick all the boxes. Only 4 miles from junction 31 of the A55 North Wales Expressway, getting to your holiday home easily and quickly is also a great perk for city and town dwellers in Merseyside, Cheshire, Manchester and beyond. And what’s even better, Maes Mynan Park is also a great base to explore North Wales, be it open countryside, mountains, beaches, history or culture. Activities of your own making or with guides is all possible locally.

Owning a holiday home on Maes Mynan Park is just the start of your holiday lifestyle. Discovering new friends, things to do and hobbies can all become part of the ‘new you’. Relaxation, recharging and kicking back against the norm of life is far easier when you own your own holiday home space, especially when you know that security, maintenance and upkeep will be taken care of in your absence, when normal everyday life calls. Owning a dream holiday home is escapism, something we all need at times in this stressful world.

spacious lodge plots and lodges available | owners only holiday park | North Wales
Large and spacious lodge plots | Luxury Lodges | North Wales Countryside

Owning a holiday home is an exciting opportunity in life. Anita is on her very own journey of discovery and enjoying the prospect of ownership of her very own bespoke holiday lodge manufactured by Omar Park & Leisure Homes on one of the large lodge plots on Maes Mynan Park. Here Anita shares Chapter 3 of her magical journey so far and offers some interesting tips to those of you ‘would be’ holiday lodge owners.


Greetings Everyone

On this wet and windy wild Bank Holiday Monday, my story continues and if I’m honest, it feels like I’m waiting in the departure lounge for my journey to commence with all that heady sensation of excitement and impatience that goes with travel.

Large Lodge plots in the countryside | North Wales

After a hectic flurry of decision making my lodge is now in production at OMAR/Hull. The CAD team have been wizards with arranging the design to suit my wishes. Now with baited breath, it’s the attention to detail that takes priority, waiting for my luxury holiday lodge to be pieced together like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle! I am confident through my discussions with Jenny from OMAR and Louise at Maes Mynan Park that my bespoke lodge will soon become a reality, with all the components in the order they need to be to make my dream come true.  

My target delivery date for my holiday lodge to arrive at Maes Mynan Park is early July, which I am very excited about. I love the fact that I have been able to have a hand in designing my lodge in exactly the way I want. However, I anticipate a date slippage as the demand for having your own private ‘Staycation’ accommodation has never been higher, something that supply chains and COVID-19 have hindered, but whatever the date, this doesn’t dampen my excited anticipation. 

This lull in proceedings has been good, as it has given me the opportunity to take stock and concentrate on other practicalities that are within my personal control.

My next big decision has been organising the right quality decking for my large lodge plot

As my spacious lodge plot incorporates a large garden and a privacy bank, I wanted to ensure that the speculator countryside views sit in harmony with my lodge, as well as complement the location and position of the lodge plot I have chosen overlooking the lake.  

Glenn from the Denbighshire Decking Company has been at hand to offer professional advice and expertise. Talking with fellow lodge owners Debbie & Paul has been invaluable, as they have maximised their large lodge plot with a spacious cantilevered deck with glass front to amplify the setting of their lodge and the extra privacy it gives them.  

Large lodge plots and luxury lodges for sale | North Wales  North Wales
Countryside lodge plots in North Wales | Maes Mynan Park

You will find that your decking decisions are equally as important, as your bespoke lodge’s interior design as you will need to consider the right level of space for your needs.

A few questions you may wish to consider:-

  • Is your deck a space for entertaining friends? Do you want break out areas for smaller quieter intimate gatherings? Do you require private areas and/or shady zones?
  • All the lodges around the first lake on Maes Mynan Park are south facing, which is where my lodge will be positioned, so the position of the sunrise, all-day sun and sunset are all considerations when deciding on the shape and size of decking.
  • Having a deck that is low maintenance and durable is also a key feature to consider.
  • What are the range of decking options for your large lodge plots size? Although all lodge plots on Maes Mynan Park are spacious, their orientations are slightly different which means that different decking shapes may work better on some as opposed to others. 

In my case I wanted my deck to have a range of spaces for entertaining friends, but more importantly, I want a private space to practice some yoga as and when the feeling takes me. After all Maes Mynan Park really will be the perfect place to indulge in a sun salutation sequence whilst drinking in the stunning panoramic views, and with one of the large lodge plots, I can achieve my dream.

As I have a large lodge plot to the front elevation, I will not require any additional steel work for a cantilever on the front elevation which helps on price. I have opted for an infinity clear glass balustrade to take full advantage of my beautiful lakeside outlook and expansive rolling hill top views of Moel Y Parc which is part of the Clwydian Range (and was once a Royal Deer Park). Your eyes are never very far away from the glorious kaleidoscope skies at Maes Mynan Park.    

There are decking choices to suit your budget and Glenn and his team are there to help ensure you are happy.  

Your sweet shop ‘Shopping List’

Setting up my new holiday lodge will require an additional ‘shopping list’ to make it absolutely my style. Of course my holiday lodge comes fully furnished, but the extras that make it mine are so important for creating a calm, chic and cheerful ambiance, where peace and harmony embrace the air of relaxed elegance I am going for.

My top tip before perusing online shopping websites or hitting actual shops, is Take A Moment. Have a look around your own house and see what you might like to relocate to your new holiday lodge. It might be that dinner service that has not seen the light of day since you purchased it, or an inherited china tea set that has sat in the back of your cupboard for years. Transferring some items from your primary residence to your new holiday home can be fun and what about breathing fresh air into those dusty books you always meant to read, but never found the right time, space or relaxing environment to do so. Indulging in some quiet reflective reading makes for a perfect holiday lifestyle as time slows to a more relaxed pace of life. 

A dear friend of mine, having read about one of my items on my shopping list in my last blog, very kindly gifted me a pair of treasured binoculars, as she wanted me to fully enjoy the sights of the amazing wildlife at Maes Mynan Park. I was so touched by her generosity.

countryside lodge and holiday park | Maes Mynan Park | North Wales

The binoculars may be one item off my wish list, but there are probably another 100 to go, but it isn’t a race and I am looking forward to taking my time with my shopping list. I have however, indulged in a new set of crockery – a discontinued line that I couldn’t resist – as it went so well with my interior décor in the dining area and kitchen of my new holiday lodge. But more of that in a later blog.

Before I close for today, my lodge journey has for me, been driven in part, by my desire to be closer to nature, something that all the lodge plots at Maes Mynan Park offer. I was therefore greatly appreciative of the ‘nature theme’ for the forthcoming Mental Awareness Week (running from 10 May to 16 May).  

Mental Awareness Week - Nature - Meas Mynan Park - North Wales

“There is something to be wondered at in all of Nature”


“Stop to listen to the birdsong, smell the freshly cut grass, take care of a house plant, notice any trees, flowers or animals nearby. Take a moment to appreciate those connections”

MARK ROWLAND of the Mental Health Foundation

I feel extremely thankful to Louise & Peter Barlow whose collective vision it has been to act as custodians of the land at Maes Mynan Park, to develop an old sand and gravel quarry into a haven of beauty to share with others. This is a golden opportunity to immerse myself in a countryside location, to fully enjoy the seasons and take my time to discover Mother Nature. With wild raspberry and blackberry picking on my horizon too – how lucky are we that nature chooses to honour us.  And what I love best, Maes Mynan Park is an owner only holiday park, which for me, means added peace and security.

Mother Nature is the best artist of all

Bluebells follow Primroses, thriving under awakening trees

Celandines open their smiling faces, to welcome in the spring.

Delicate Wood Anemones uncurl, to curtsey as we pass  

Together they thrive in harmony, to echo their beauty as one.

They close their petals at dusk, nodding in the breeze

Opening their blooms again, to welcome in the sun.

The heavy scents of Bluebells fill the early morning air

As the scent of crowded banks of Wild Garlic, hint at their culinary delights.

The whites and blues of Violets, Stitchwort and Forget Me Knots

Are signs that spring is marching on

Giving us a glimpse of what Mother Nature has in store

As ‘She’ starts to paint her seasons’ colours

Reminding us boldly that, ‘She’, is the best artist of all!  

Louise Barlow Maes Mynan Park

Until the next time, keep safe 

Anita x 🙂


If you are looking for holiday lodge ownership opportunities, come and see us at Maes Mynan Park. We also have static caravan plots and caravans for sale in a different part of Maes Mynan Park – all with large plots and stunning views. You can reach us on 07836522444 or 01352 720808. Alternatively email us on [email protected] or send us a message here.