Create your dream UK holiday lifestyle

There’s no one size-fits-all when it comes to creating your ideal dream holiday lifestyle in the UK.

Our different aspirations, desires, preferences and hobbies, help shape our dreams and if a dream holiday lifestyle is what you crave, then there are plenty of options available in the UK, especially as staycations, weekend getaways and country retreats are all on many people’s agenda. 

Luxury lodge and holiday home ownership will support fantastic holiday lifestyles in the UK and will tick the health, happiness and well-being boxes too.

With plenty of adventure available across the UK, North Wales is also a great escape when it comes to finding plenty of outdoor adventures, activities, heritage and luxury comforts to explore and enjoy.

Here are 3 top tips for starting your dream holiday lifestyle journey in the UK.

1.       Be honest about what you want from your dream holiday lifestyle

Start your dream holiday lifestyle by writing a list of what matters to you and how you would like to spend your downtime. Then look at the practicalities needed to make it happen.

If you want more downtime – add it to the top of your list. Something like;

“ I want more free time to enjoy my life – how can I support this – what do I need to do to make it happen?”.

It may be a bit daunting to admit that you want to escape the norm and have more ‘time out’, especially if your partner, family and friends aren’t convinced your holiday lifestyle dream is their dream too. However, getting ‘real’ about your dream with those around you – at home and work – can be liberating and motivational. It’s like letting the genie out of the bottle – it never quite goes back in! 

Creating your dream holiday lifestyle is like letting the genie out of the bottle – it never quite goes back in!

If free time is important to you, list how you would like to spend it before deciding on what to do next.

For example my list would look like this: – 

  • Countryside
  • Views
  • Natural environment
  • Access to hills, mountains, lakes, woodlands and the great outdoors
  • Peace and quiet
  • Walking
  • Adventure, new challenges and sports 
  • Discovering new experiences and places 
  • Dog friendly places
  • Spending time with friends 
  • Cosy night in
  • Lazy weekends & breakfast in bed
  • Watching box sets 
  • Reading
  • Relaxing 
  • Hassle free holiday home in the UK so I can ‘get away’ anytime

For me, having time to enjoy my surroundings and the World around me is key to achieving my dream holiday lifestyle and that is why I love Maes Mynan Park so much – it is a hidden gem nestled in nature in amazing countryside with far reaching panoramic views that just happens to be all part of a designated Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in Flintshire North Wales. Although this is where my office is – it feels like a holiday every time I gaze out of the window and see the cattle grazing on the meadow hills of the Clwydian Range opposite. 

View from Maes Mynan Park Office looking out across towards the Clwydian Range

In a nutshell this famous Welsh poem says it all. 


What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.  

No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.  

No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.  

No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.  

No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.  

A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.  

William Henry Davies (Welsh poet 1871-1940

2.   Use the Internet to help you research how you can make your dream holiday lifestyle work for you.

Have your list in front of you. If owning a holiday home is part of that dream lifestyle jigsaw, ask:-

What do I need to do next? 

The answer is ‘Research’ .

Today we live in a World that has information at our fingertips and all it needs is the press of a few buttons on a smartphone, laptop or tablet to access the Internet to research what you think would work for your dream holiday lifestyle. You don’t have to guess what that looks like, because the chances are the answers are on Google, Bing or Yahoo!  So going back to your lists – search and research things like:-

  • Location
  • What’s local
  • Is there lots to do
  • Would it make a good base to explore
  • How long does it take to get there
  • Holiday Parks offering holiday homes and luxury lodges for sale in that location
  • When you find somewhere you like, look at their website and start to form a picture in your head on how that location and holiday park could work for you and your ‘dream’ holiday lifestyle. Only you can decide. 
  • Length of holiday season
  • Security 
  • Write emails, make phone calls and more importantly visit your short list of holiday parks in person.
  • Ask questions about rents, fees, lodge and holiday home prices
  • Double check the Park rules suit your needs

Generally investing in a holiday lifestyle in the UK will involve buying a holiday home, which could involve purchasing a luxury lodge, static caravan or even a touring caravan. All these things are a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it will involve ongoing financial commitment. It is also essential that before choosing your ‘holiday park’, you meet with the owners/management before you embark on finding your luxury lodge, twin unit or static caravan.

This also means the location has to be right for you,  and the holiday park must suit your needs and hobbies too. Also getting the right ‘feel’ for a place can only happen in person when you visit. 

Many holiday parks offer an open door policy to look around and meet the team. However it is always best to book a viewing or appointment to ensure you get the answers you want and an overview of the location, its amenities and the holiday park’s style of management. 

Our Maes Mynan Park website has been designed to provide as much information as possible to help with your online research and we always welcome questions by email or phone. We strive to ensure our customers understand we wish to share this magical place with them so that they too, can enjoy, love and appreciate the great outdoors, nature, tranquillity and the breathtaking views this North Wales location offers.

3. After your research, take the first steps and put your plan into action 

If your dream holiday lifestyle is to become a reality, you’re going to need a plan. That plan involves commitment.

You need to choose your holiday park, then your dream holiday home and then commit to spending as many holidays and weekends there enjoying the location and all that it brings.

Choosing the right holiday home for your needs will ensure your special downtime becomes a dream destination every time you visit. All set up and cosy, your holiday home will become your home from home retreat, making it your preferred ‘hassle free, go-to destination’. It will also cut out overseas travel chaos. 

If peace and tranquillity is what you yearn, along with nature inspired adventure, then escaping to the countryside also offers many well-being options on tap. 

Choosing what is important in your life today will help you plan for your future downtime. Here at Maes Mynan Park we fully understand the importance of finding the right environment to relax and unwind in harmonically comfortable surroundings that offer stunning uninterrupted views that reflect the natural world around us. 

Come and see us here at Maes Mynan Park to see if we can help you create your dream holiday lifestyle. Owning a luxury lodge and a holiday home is just the beginning – how you choose to spend your time when you are here, is entirely up to you, but put relaxation at the top of your list every time. 

If you think Maes Mynan Park will help tick the boxes for your dream holiday lifestyle, please come and see us. You can contact us here or call us on 01352 720808 to find out more.