Getting To Maes Mynan Park The Easy Way

Getting to Maes Mynan Holiday Park doesn’t have to be hard

Finding the most suitable way to get to your holiday home is key to achieving stress free downtime and happy holidays in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Arcadia of Wales Maes Mynan Park, Afonwen
“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my sense put in order.” John Burroughs

Maes Mynan Park maybe located off the beaten track, but it’s surprisingly accessible by road, train and air, especially with a little outside the box thinking.

Just because Maes Mynan Park is located in a beautiful part of Flintshire North Wales overlooking Moel Y Parc, the Wheeler Valley and Denbigh Moors, it’s not hard to find and it will always be worth the trip if you want to recharge your batteries in this Arcadia of Wales.

View of Moel Y Parc from Maes Mynan Park
View of Moel Y Parc from Maes Mynan Park

A Secret Location

Maes Mynan Park is still a secret location and a hidden gem, but as we start to rediscover the cultural and industrial heritage of this important location, once owned by the last medieval Welsh Princes of Wales for one of their Llys (courts) and two Tudor Kings – Henry VII and Henry VIII – we might just have to share this wonderful place with others. But ideally we want to share it with you for your holiday home.

Finding a slice of paradise, with views that are completely inspired by nature, is a dream come true for many, especially if they can choose their holiday lodge pitch based on their favourite kaleidoscope panoramic views, before deciding on their luxury lodge and bespoke deluxe interiors to suit their desires. With only twenty-five luxury lodge plots available, exclusivity is on offer too.

Here We Share Our Three Top Travel Tips To Inspire Your Trip To Maes Mynan Holiday Park

Maes Mynan Park really is easy to get to, regardless of where you reside in the UK. Make the trip and decide for yourself just how remarkable Maes Mynan Park really is and whether it is your perfect dream holiday home location, where escaping to the country becomes your holiday lifestyle.

1. Traveling By Road To Maes Mynan Park

Maes Mynan Park is located 4 miles and within easy reach of junction 31 of the A55 North Wales Expressway and is located just off the A541 Mold -Denbigh Road in Afonwen, near Caerwys.

The ease of access to Maes Mynan Park opens up numerous options for those who are happy to travel by car, making it the perfect weekend get-away location and holiday home destination for anyone living near the M6, M56 and A55 road networks, or within easy access to these main UK wide road arteries.

Below are some examples of estimated car travel times to Maes Mynan Park taken from Google Maps: –

  • From Chester 37 min
  • From Wallasey 51 min
  • From Birkenhead 54 min
  • From Liverpool 55 min
  • From Manchester 1 hr 05 min
  • From Stoke-on-trent is 1hr 20 min
  • From Preston 1 hr 36 min
  • From Oldham 1 hr 43 min From Newtown 1 hr 39 min
  • From Shrewsbury 1 hr 28 min
  • From Birmingham 2 hrs 12 min
  • From London 4 hrs 22 min
  • From Cardiff 3 hrs 44 min From Reading 3 hr 55 min
  • From Glasgow 4 hrs 15 min

2. Travelling By Train To Maes Mynan Park

Flint station is a major stopping station for many destination trains around the UK, be it in the South, Mid or North of England, Scotland, the Welsh Borders, Shrewsbury or Mid or South Wales. Flint station is located only 20 minutes from Maes Mynan Park.

The train offers travellers the option to hop on and relax during their journey without the hassles that sometimes go with car travel over longer distances. For example, it only takes 2 hrs 40 mins from London Euston to Flint Station on a straight through train service, whereas by car it would take a minimum of 4 hrs 22 mins and that’s without factoring in any traffic problems.

This train route option offers a huge travelling time saving. With a little bit of imagination, it’s easy to get your head around train travel, even if escaping to the country.

The natural world inspires is the best way to re-energise ourselves, especially after the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Getting to your holiday home in the least stressful way, can only be a plus.

A taxi or transfer service from Flint Station, will get you to your holiday home at Maes Mynan Park within 20 minutes of stepping off the train, and this is still faster than travelling by car from London to North Wales (or even a countryside destination in the South of England if escaping the hubbub of city life).

There are also great train services from Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Crewe, Shrewbury, Birmingham and Cardiff and once at your holiday home at Maes Mynan Park, you can either use the small car you have left on site in your absence to travel around and explore, or on those occasions you decide not to drive but ‘Train it’ for an easier life, car hire is on the doorstep in Afonwen (2 mins away). Leaving a car onsite won’t be a problem either, as we have security in place, with 24 hour camera surveillance and vehicle recognition software.

3. Traveling By Helicopter To Maes Mynan Park

Traveling by air is an option for Maes Mynan Park holiday homeowners on the occasions when time is short and a quick getaway is on the cards, without the stress and hassle of car travel, or when the train times just don’t line up to suit your working day.

Traveling from the South of England to enjoy a slice of paradise in North Wales, is an excellent way to recharge and recuperate from the overload of the great city lights.

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”

John Burroughs

The last thing anyone needs after a stressful week, is sitting on a motorway because they’ve missed the train, especially when there is another available travel option open to those who have the resources and an opportunity to forward planning.

A Helicopter Charter!

Atlas Helicopters - Charter flights to Maes Mynan Holiday Park  available
Travel in style to Maes Mynan Park with Atlas Helicopters

Yes, here at Maes Mynan Park, we can accommodate the landing of a helicopter, even though we are located in beautiful unspoilt countryside.

For those who need a helping hand to switch off and arrive as quickly as possible at their holiday home after a busy working week, a helicopter charter from an organisation like Atlas Helicopters, will certainly help you relax the minute you step on board.

Chartering from Atlas Helicopters is easy, because they’ll take care of all your travel arrangements from pick-up to drop off. Their Operations Team is discreet, dedicated to detail and provides a VIP service that revolves around your itinerary. You can depart from any location in the UK and if the helicopter can’t land within walking distance, they will arrange a chauffeured transfer. And it will save you time! A direct flight from central London to reach your dream country retreat takes about 65 minutes by helicopter, saving your around 3 hours of 30 minutes if you were travelling by car.

  • From Brighton – 1 hr 20 mins
  • From Plymouth – 1 hr 20 mins From Cardiff – 50 mins
  • From Norwich – 75 mins
  • From Glasgow – 75 mins
  • From London – 65 mins

A helicopter charter ensures you arrive on time, free from travel-related stress and anxiety, leaving you to focus your attention on the excellent views as you travel across the country into North Wales, before landing at Maes Mynan Park.

Helicopter hire isn’t for everyone, but for the discerning traveller who needs to make the most of their free time and appreciates the importance of their countryside holiday home for helping them recharge their energies and improve their everyday wellbeing, it is a viable option for those who can afford these little luxuries as their reward for working hard.

After all, a work life balance sometimes needs a helping hand and owning a holiday home in the UK is a lifestyle choice and getting there as quickly as possible will speed up the relaxation process!

Escaping to the country

Holiday Homeowners seeking an escape to the country for a change of scenery, a quieter pace of life and peaceful tranquillity, will appreciate the benefits of the natural beauty and panoramic views that Maes Mynan Park offer.

Dreams come true when you absorb the natural beauty of North Wales countryside
Dreams come true when you absorb the natural beauty of North Wales countryside

Getting to Maes Mynan Park is the first step of a holiday lifestyle journey and choosing a combination of travel options can help alleviate the stress and anxiety of travelling in the UK, when all you want to do is get to your holiday home to unwind and switch off.

Maes Mynan Park is an idyllic setting for a luxury holiday lodge and offers the perfect gateway to explore North Wales and all its abounding adventure, culture and historic treasures.

Luxury Holiday Lodges for sale at Maes Mynan Park
Luxury Lodges at Maes Mynan Holiday Park nestle into the naturally beautiful countryside

Holidays are an adventure

The adventure only starts on arrival at Maes Mynan Park. How extreme you want to holiday is entirely up to you, but what North Wales offers, is an opportunity to push your boundaries whenever you choose and for those who fly in by helicopter, you won’t feel intimidated by a climb up Snowdon or a mountain bike experience across Offas Dyke, or even white water rafting in Betwys Y Coed, or abseiling across old slate quarries – all off Park but not too far!

Then there are the rest of us who just want to enjoy the relaxing ambiance of our holiday home and the quiet country walks around Maes Mynan parkland and woodland.

We look forward to seeing you.