Buying a bespoke luxury lodge – A special journey of discovery

It is with great pleasure I introduce you to Anita who is at the beginning of her magical journey to design and buy a bespoke luxury lodge for her chosen plot on Maes Mynan Park.

It is an exciting journey for all of us, especially as the design process has been a wonderful experience thanks to Jenny from Omar Park & Leisure Homes, who has worked with Anita’s choice of soft furnishing and interiors, which she chose to reflect the natural beauty of Maes Mynan Park and her own personal journey and well-being.

Chapter one of Anita’s journey can be read below in her own words.


Anita's Bespoke Luxury Lodge

Namaste to One & All

Can places whisper to you, I’m not sure, but I think they can!

On a warm sunny August day last year and out of the blue, I first glimpsed the beauty of  Maes Mynan Park.

You can’t deny Maes Mynan’s charm and its natural beauty, its stunning vistas, the ever changing colours, the shapes of the seasons and the most incredible skies. For me I feel something much deeper, an inner calmness, tranquillity, a place to rest, to refocus and enjoy nature. Instead of being a spectator I feel part of this naturally beautiful nature inspired place.

Views from Maes Mynan Park, Afonwen, Caerwys

In pre-post Covid lockdown days we have all found ourselves dreaming of that one perfect place to escape to.  Tastes and wishes vary of course and if you are looking for high end adrenalin, than maybe Maes Mynan will not fulfil your bucket list. But adrenalin comes in many shapes and forms, for me walking through the Sequoias, seeing Canadian Geese on the lake and feeling my senses awaken is exactly what I want and that’s what I feel every time I visit.

Seasons guide us and always inspire. The early spring flowers are quietly awakening, going from strength to strength in their beauty, bringing colour to hedgerows, water edges and meadow fields. How lucky are we? Hibernation is behind us, ahead is a journey with nature. 

Primroses on Local walks from Maes Mynan Park | North Wales

My lodge buying journey is an emotional one, driven by many factors, including my own personal well-being.  Choosing my plot at Maes Mynan Park – or did it choose me as I believe it did – fate playing her hand – was the start.

Under the careful patient guidance of Louise at Maes Mynan Park my bespoke luxury lodge plans are now sitting with the OMAR CAD design team, where they will figure out how to make my lodge wish list a reality. My lodge design is like a seed waiting to burst into life on the production line and like any plant to be fully enjoyed, it will need to be nurtured and loved along the course of its development by everyone involved – me, Omar and everyone at Maes Mynan Park.  

This is an exciting time for me and I warmly welcome you to join me on my little magical adventure of buying my dream bespoke luxury lodge as it travels through design, production and manufacture, before arriving on its beautiful plot at Maes Mynan Park.

Luxury Lodge Plots North Wales | Maes Mynan Park
The views from my lodge plot
Lodges for sale Maes Mynan Park | North Wales
Looking forward to sitting on my deck and making new friends at Maes Mynan Park

Until next time, stay safe and well.  Anita x

Wild Garlic at Maes Mynan Park | Spring 2021| North Wales
Wild Garlic at Maes Mynan Spring 2021