Buying a bespoke holiday home lodge is a magical journey

Buying a bespoke holiday home lodge is a dream come true for many. The exciting steps start with a floor plan, moving through to interior choices, production and finally delivery. Here at Maes Mynan Park we are with you every step of the design and buying process when it comes to creating a bespoke holiday lodge, making sure you consider all the essentials on your wish list.

Here Anita shares part two of her bespoke holiday home buying journey and the magic she has found in the discovery of new friends, inspiration, peace and tranquillity – all part of a journey she never thought she would have the courage to make.


Welcome back everyone 🙂

“Are we there yet?” 

A familiar excited question for anyone who has ever been on a journey

“Not yet”

Comes the patient reply

How many times have we experienced these questions in one form or another in our lives? Excitement is always hard to contain, but before I continue with my bespoke lodge buying story, I want to pause and express my sincere thanks to Debbie & Paul, Maes Mynan Park’s leading lodge owners, who have been absolutely amazing.

Their collective inspiration has helped shape my thinking to strive for the right quality of holiday lodge to suit me. Their kindness and generosity with their time and helpfulness during lengthy telephone chats over recent months gave me the confidence to challenge myself and has assisted me in making my dream a reality. Friendship and a sense of community are wonderful ingredients in life and owning a holiday lodge is a perfect way to connect with new people. I am so looking forward to sharing a G&T on our decks together.

Decking at dusk | Maes Mynan Park

My holiday lodge buying journey is reaching an exciting stage. Jenny from OMAR & Louise from Maes Mynan Park have been diligently checking my lodge spec and floor plans for a few days now, getting it all ready for me to review, with the objective of signing everything off the next time I visit. Once that button is pressed, production timeslots will be allocated and a manufacturing date in July is hoped for. I can’t wait for the manufacturing stage of my dream holiday lodge, especially as I plan to visit Hull to see it before dispatch!   

My Top Tip to Others Thinking of buying a bespoke holiday home

In any bespoke holiday lodge build, compromise has to be part of the process. A wish list and the reality of a budget don’t always meet. However, the key is to tweak and not settle for less, keep focused and always remind yourself why your holiday lodge journey is important. My top three considerations in designing my holiday home, has been the views, natural light and synergy. I firmly believe the geography of a place is an essential factor in design and architecture. 

So for me, the breath-taking views of the Maes Mynan Park landscape has been a harnessing factor in my decision making processes, especially when it came to thinking about my lodge spec (internally and externally). This influenced the floor plan, fabric choices, furniture style and all the other important decisions I needed to decide upon to make this my dream holiday home. The design process has been rewarding and fun, with a few compromising challenges along the way!

I have chosen fabrics that evoke the senses and provide comfort with that little bit of luxury. I’ve been lucky, I have managed to achieve all the essentials of my tick boxes and more to create a holiday home of my dreams that will offer me my home from home comforts, despite my wish list and tick boxes not necessarily aligning every time. But I have never had to compromise on quality.

The starting inspiration for my own interiors in my bespoke holiday home originated from a treasured water colour given to me many years ago – a painting I will be relocating into my new holiday home, to hang in perfect harmony with the picture perfect scenery from the great outdoors.  

For my interior décor I have chosen spring and summer countryside colours and patterns for many rooms, with splashes of colour here and there to reflect my favourite bird – the Peacock. This has allowed me to achieve a flow between each room so they all work in harmony together. Why the Peacock? Peacocks are special, they are not only beautiful, but they are also the national bird of India and in Buddhism they represent beauty, prosperity, peace and your inner soul. It is a joy for me to add parts of my heritage to my bespoke lodge design in recognition of my parents, who would have absolutely loved Maes Mynan.

Maes Mynan Park is always a hive of activity, whatever the season or weather. There is a buzz about the Park that is hard to describe until you visit. Excitement came this week when Louise spotted 4 pairs of swans on the largest of the three lakes – an overnight stopover to rest and graze. Other birds are saying hello around every corner too, which reminds me – I must put binoculars on my holiday lodge shopping list!

Swans at Maes MynanPark, Flintshire |
North Wales

Please join me next time as we move from the design of my dream holiday home into production and manufacture, with the final goal being delivery in July, by which time the gentle spring season will have moved into the full beauty of summer. 

Thank you for reading.   

Namaste and stay safe.

Anita x  

If you are looking for holiday lodge ownership opportunities, come and see us at Maes Mynan Park. You can reach us on 07836522444 or 01352 720808. Alternatively email us on [email protected] or send us a message here.